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Car Lift Safety Features

There's no one way to make a car lift or truck lift safer for the operator. Manufacturers of high-quality automotive lifting products are always looking for better, more secure lifting methods. As a result, many excellent automotive lift safety features are now offered to the consumer. Here are just a few examples of the great technological strides that reputable ALI / ETL certification partners have developed to keep you and your employees safe.

Because the various car lifting solution designs can be extremely different from each other, it makes sense that some safety features are specific to only one kind of car lift. Two-post car lifts employ swing arm assemblies that allow the operator to change the arm configuration to suit a wide range of vehicles. It is important that swing arm lifts employ restraint devices to prevent arms from shifting or dislodging after a car or truck is already mounted and raised. Higher-quality two-post car lifts will feature this safety critical element; typically a gear mechanism that automatically secures the arms into place whenever the lift begins to rise. The automatic gear arm restraints will only disengage again when the lift is in a safe, lowered state.

Four-post car lifts are principally suspension lifts that rely on their columns to contain the lifting structure via cables or chains, while simultaneously bearing the load equally between them. Since the four-post car lift is not a rigid structure, it was once common for lifts to sway slightly during raising or lowering operations. Anti-sway blocks are one method of minimizing sway and maintaining proper spacing. This is especially important to ensure that safety locks are always engaged and that each post or column is holding 1/4th of the overall weight.

Be sure your auto lift is equipped with manual wheel chocks as the primary means to restrain vehicles from inadvertently rolling off either end of the runways. Automatic stops on the approach end and fixed stops up front should be provided on runway lifts as a secondary means to restraint.

Hydraulic car lifts that are designed with safety in mind use specialized hydraulic flow restrictors or velocity fuses integrated into the hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic circuit to control sudden, rapid decent in the event of a hydraulic component failure. These essential safety devices can dramatically reduce or stop downward travel in a free-fall situation due to a hydraulic system failure other than the cylinders themselves.

Pinch points are not just mere annoyances like the name might suggest. Without supervision and careful operation, pinch points can result in damaged property and injury. Reputable manufacturers employ engineers to help identify potential pinch points for hoses and limbs, and then they remove them from the design of an auto lift.

These powerful load-holding devices automatically engage and lock the lift structure as the car lift raises, preventing sudden free fall in the unlikely event of a suspension component failure. Typically, after the lift is raised to the required working height, operators are instructed to lower the lift until it is resting safely on the locks to minimize wear on suspension components. Once the locks are engaged, the car lift has to be raised slightly in order to release the safety locks. Load-holding devices should always require an independent and positive action for release, and they should always engage and reset automatically each time the lift is raised.

As a redundant safety precaution, all professional-grade car lifts that employ either cable or chain suspension methods should incorporate a slack cable or chain device. These slack cables act as an automatic brake for the supported structure if a suspension component breaks or slackens.

When searching for a car lift, always ensure the manufacturer has a written quality assurance system of policies and procedures that are implemented and managed by quality control personnel. Vans and trucks require different adapters than cars and motorcycles. The dealer or manufacturer should have a variety of options and accessories to help customize your automotive lift to fit your specific auto lifting needs. If they don't, take it as a sign that their car lifting products might lack the proper support.

Always be sure that your car lift is supplied with operation, inspection, service and maintenance instructions that include specifications of the lift, lift rated load capacity, significant lift and bay dimensions, power requirements (compressed air and/or electrical), foundation and floor structural requirements. Car lift installation instructions should be clear with graphics illustrating full step-by-step assembly, exploded drawings with part numbers and descriptions, component packing list, site requirements, mounting and anchoring instructions, recommended clearance around and above lift, plan and elevation details of auto lift layout, final pre-check procedure for assembled lift, operational test inspection and maintenance instructions.

Few of us are able to determine the strength, quality and safety of a car lift just by looking at it. Metallurgy, tensile strengths, mechanical engineering, manufacturing quality and electrical compliance are just a few of the things that these testing laboratories investigate rigorously for every car lift or truck lift that applies for certification.

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Motorcycle Guide

The main reason for redesigning and editing a motorcycle into the form of a chopper was to prepare the bike for dirt track racing and even mud racing. Removing all of the heavy, unwanted and unnecessary parts made the bike lighter and easier to handle in a high speed race. The large front tire is replaced with a smaller one and so is the headlight and the fuel tank. Most motorcycles have a large fuel tank but choppers have a smaller fuel tank to lighten the load of the bike. As required by law, almost all choppers across the country have to have protective bars for the driver installed. Those bars, which are on the back of the bike and stick straight up in the air, are often referred to as 'sissy bars.' More often than not the 'sissy bars' can be seen over the driver's head when looking at a chopper from the front of the bike.

There are a handful of companies across the country and the world that produce choppers. Jesse G. James' West Coast Choppers, Orange County Choppers, Indian Larry, Falcon Motorcycles, Warlock Motorcycles and Von Dutch Kustom Cycles are just a few companies that manufacture chopper motorcycles.

In each kit not only are you provided with the necessary materials to build your own custom bike they also provide you with clear instructions on how to do so. Many of these kits not only come with a manual about how to build your bike but also DVDs to show you the way the pieces need to be assembled.

People who intend to build their own custom chopper but don't have the relevant skills to do so will purchase custom chopper kits. The main reason that they do this is because they come with all the necessary parts that are required to construct your own machine but allow you the opportunity to change them to make their chopper really unique.

Riding over obstacles with a regular motorcycle is not usually a problem. The suspension and bike setup on most modern street motorcycles allows for a smooth transition over all but the largest obstacles.

With a chopper the procedure is slightly different. The greater than normal rake, extended front forks, far-forward controls, minimal (if any) rear shock travel, and low ground clearance requires more faith and strength and will take some practice to be able to complete the procedure safely. Should you need any further resources regarding Choppers For Sale, please visit his Scooter Store resources.

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Convertible Car Seat

Harper has outgrown her infant car seat and now requires a convertible car seat. According to safety ratings, Britax car seats have the best. Naturally, that means we getting a Britax seat. (This one.) It rather expensive, but we were preparing for the cost. Thankfully it holds up to 70 pounds (forward facing) so she be able to use it for quite some time.

I am feeling badly that we cannot purchase car seats for our parents. We bought them the bases for the infant car seat, but the cost of a convertible seat is just too expensive and we cannot afford to purchase three seats at $275 a pop.

I emailed both of our mothers to let them know the situation and I included links to car seats that aren very expensive, but that have good safety ratings as well. I gave them the option of everyone sharing the seat we purchasing, but of course, there are drawbacks to that. If there were to be an emergency or one of the grandparents had to pick up Harper from the sitter at the last minute, how would we get the car seat to them? We see what they say, and I hoping there are no issues over this.

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Coroner Wants Rollers To Be Redesigned

THE design of a road roller involved in the death of a worker who was struck down by the vehicle is unsatisfactory the State Coroner has found.Kym Greenhalgh, 50, died in April 2008 when he was hit by a road roller driven by the now-deceased Clive Fisher while sealing a road near Meadows.

Mr Greenhalgh was walking behind a truck that was driving over the newly laid bitumen to fill in patches while heavy rollers were driving along the new section to smooth its surface.Today State Coroner Mark Johns said the design of the Dynapac DM83 multi-tyred roller was unsatisfactory because it required its driver to operate the vehicle while looking over their shoulder.can be assumed that for some three or more hours Mr Fisher had been operating the vehicle in reverse with his head turned to look over his shoulder, Mr Johns said.

my view it is extremely unsatisfactory that any worker should be required to spend half of his working day twisted in an attitude which enables him to see over his shoulder while operating a heavy vehicle such as a multi roller. Johns said the cause of the accident was error because as Mr Fisher's vehicle began drifting towards the truck, he attempted to correct the steering, but did so in the wrong direction.may well have been that Mr Greenhalgh, who was universally acknowledged as a particularly careful and safety conscious worker, did not see that the roller was heading in his direction, he said.

may have assumed - quite understandably - that he was in a safe position immediately behind the truck. Johns recommended the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and the Minister for Industrial Relations at both State and Federal levels develop a strategy to improve the unsafe method of operation of the rollers.

should be possible to implement machine designs that would enable an operator to be facing in a forward position while the vehicle is in fact reversing, 150cc go kart parts ,he said.simply cannot accept that the present unsatisfactory state of affairs where a driver has to spend half of his working day reversing a vehicle and twisting to look over his shoulder to do so, is the only way in which a road surface can be properly compacted.

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Cooloola National Park Camping

ActivitiesCooloola provides several walking trails to view wildlife, plants and scenery that includes woodlands, wetlands, coastline and sand dunes. The park has one of the few remaining emu populations in coastal Queensland and is a refuge for rare animals, including the Cooloola acid frog and ground parrot. Boat tours and whale watching are available. Rent canoes, kayaks and small powerboats from Boreen Point and from Elanda Point for travel on the Noosa River. Fishing is allowed at Teewah Beach, the Noosa River and Kin Kin Creek, with lures recommended over live bait. Bass season is closed from June 1 to August 31.

RegulationsVehicle access permits are required to access beaches and some tracks in the Cooloola Recreation Area. Pets are not permitted in national parks. Motorized vessels are permitted only to campsite 3. Electric motors and non-motorised vessels are permitted past campsite 3. Campfires are allowed only in the camping areas on Teewah Beach and at Poverty Point. Collecting wood from the park, including leaves and twigs, is illegal. Don't park on or dig in sand dunes and sand cliffs along Teewah and Rainbow Beach as they are unstable and can collapse.

Northern Cooloola CampingNorthern Cooloola campgrounds have three campgrounds with sites for camper trailer and tent camping that are accessible by 4-wheel-drive or on foot. Freshwater Campground has woodland sites on sandy soil near the beach. No campfires are allowed in this area, so bring a fuel or gas stove for cooking. Fires are allowed on Teewah Beach, atv chain tensioner ,which offers beach camping behind the dunes, and Poverty Point, an undeveloped coastal camping area in the Great Sandy Straits. Campers can use the patrolled swimming beach in front of Rainbow Beach Township.

Southern Cooloola CampingSouthern Cooloola campsites lie in open forest and woodland areas along the Upper Noosa River and include two camping areas, Fig Tree Point and Harry's Hut, and nine bush campsites. Two remote campsites at Wandi and Neebs waterholes lie in the western river catchment area. Most sites are in sand, grass or dirt. Access the Upper Noosa River by canoes, kayaks, water taxis and river cruises. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies.

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