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The MBK Parts In China

As we all known, MBK is a company which built in French in the early years, it is a motor manufactor in Europe, and has 80 years’ its beginning , it was called the Motorbecane, since the YAMAHA merged it in 1984, even through this , the MBK manufactor still keep the aim and form that produce the local motor of French. From that ,its name changed into MBK,the design idea of motor mainly focus on the design of apperance,quality, the innovation and the use of new present motor market .

After analysis all keys, the MBK manufactor put their attention on the small-displacement motor, such as their main type of motor ,the Booster 12 inch, it is said that this motor is popular in French, what’s more, it has occured in the motor maket of overseas countries , its brand is very famous now, actually ,this Booster 12 inch reflct that the Frenchman aspire after the fashion and freedom, enjoy the life ,especially they are happy and pleased with themselves,just enjoy the comfortable life, the leisure, the slow rhythm, the slow life , the main production line conclude two main engine, they are 125 cc engine and 55cc engine , of course ,the use the 125cc dirt bike parts, and 55cc ones .vary from sports type to common type, at the mean time, the MNK manufactor also empolder the Skidding motor and Small racing imitation motor.

The technical parameter of Booster 12 inch is listed in the next paragraph.
The long, wide and high is 1685mm,690mm,1052mm, the wheel base is1172mm, the lowest distance to earth is 124mm, the total weightis 82 kg, the engine are two-stroke gasoline engine and Single-cylinder air-cooled engine. The displacemint is 49.2cc, cylinder diameter is 70.5mm* 44.0mm. The the compression ratio is 7.2:1, the maximum power is 2.4kw, equivalent to 6500r per minute, the maximum torque is 3.6N.m, equal to 6000r per minute, the fuel tankage is 5.3L, the Ignition method is belt drive and Automatic transmission clutch.

What is the fascination of Booster 12 inch? Compared with the Veloce 50 of Beeling in England, wneh nyou ride on the Booster 12 inch,you may feel it’s different,because the wheels size is more than 2 than common tires, it’s wheels is 12 feet,maybe it was the 2 feet, let you feel more comfortable.let you have a different the newest type of Booster 12 inch have two colours available , they are purple and red, this meet different comsumers aesthetic standard and choice ,the same type of motor that the MBK produced are Booster,Booster naked 12 inch , all they are 50cc engines, simple design and looks not inflexible.maybe the first feel when you see it must be light and handy, just like a bird flying in the sky.

To do a summarize, no matter the Booster 12 inch of French. Or the Veloce 50 of Beeling in England, they all are light and handy, they are also the classical motor in the market, no matter which one will you choose to ride ,I believe it will bring you a good experience,at the end of summer , and the beginning of Autumn, ride your lovly motor ,come with her ,to see the autumnal scenery , cloze your eyes, smell the fragrance of fragrans. So nice .come on.
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Our Dream About Motor

My name is Huangjianhua, I am 66 years old,I bought a new motor of Honda,this motor is belong me, I am so happy, I decided to realize my young dream ,travel the China ,I want to do this when I am not so old, I want to see the beautiful scenery, to my dreaming place, maybe when I dead, I can say ,yes ,I have no pity, some one ask me, why choose Honda, because its quality is very good, it’s very good,.and it has a high comment about it ,and nearly everyone know the brand Honda, it has a high popularity in peoples, we all called it the Honda can’t broken for ride, so I choose it, indeed , after I test drive the motor, I find it is really good. My choice is right.

Actually , to travel with motor is so excited, even through there maybe a little hard, but almost time is happy, we like risking and expedition,because there maybe some surprise waiting for me, may be we don;t know what is in front of us, but we have the courage to face that, life is a full of attractive journey, you wanna to explore the mysterious things in it. We climb so many mountains with my lovely motor , reach the top of mountain, even the air on the top is hard to breath, lack oxygen , the weather is bad , snow and blow, so cold, but we smile on the top and take a picture to memory the memorial time. Of course ,the Honda is beside me. He is my good brother.

This story about Huangjianhua is telling us this is not too late to realize your dream, only you want ,you can pack your bag , only you want, you can do everything you want, we should learn the courage and spirit from this 66years old man ,he is not an old man or grandfather, he always young in my heart, in my eyes, he is an awesome man. Ok, let’s listen the next story about motor.

My name is Yang yanling, I want to ride the best motor to marry you ,this ward may be the most romantic ward I have ever listen. This is the most plain vows about love, until that day, you make a decision that you spend your savings that saved nearly three years to bought a new Honda, we are so glad, but we also feel sorry for the expensive price, but he said, I will use the best motor to marry my most loving person, it’s you, my heart leaps up, move is at that time, I give a hug to him and say ,yes ,I do .

We got the motor in 2000 ,now is 2013, during the 13 years, our home changed so much, many things are throw to the garbage bin, but the Honda always here, company with us ,it witness our wedding ,we take a good care of it , so it looks so clear and nice, just like a new one, we will get together forever , no one can apart us. Our lovely motor.

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The Secret Of Selecting Motorcycle Parts Online

Motorcycle parts are susceptible to wear and tear just like any other machine part. Wear and tear will take place eventually in the life of a motorcycle. Rides are good especially when the weather has become warm. During this time, every motorcycle owner seems to welcome the season with a cheerful face.

This good moment cannot come without timely replacement of motorcycle parts. In addition, motorcycle accidents can lead to mass damage of old or new motorcycles. Although, such accidents are inevitable, having a good source of parts is good for the rider and the motorcycle.

Timing for motorcycle Parts

Buying spare parts for a motorcycle is not just a wake-up-from-sleep and buy process. It needs careful planning prior to buying. Therefore, certain factors must be considered before making a decision to buy parts online.

First, it depends on what the owner is after for the motorcycle; spares for improvement or repair. After opting for either the later or the former, move on to either secure Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket. Online dealers offer both categories. Making an OEM, option implies the motorcycle spare part will be a mirror image replacement of the target part in both performance and installation point.

However, the size of the budget determines acquisition of either OEM or aftermarket parts; OEMs are more expensive. In addition, warranty period can have a meaningful bearing on spare parts choices. Consider making decisions based on the warranty period of the motorcycle.

Online Option

Motorcycle enthusiasts can buy motorcycle parts online instead of shopping from brick and motor vendors. Buying parts online offers an amazing experience since it has variety in parts choice accompanied by reasonable prices.

The beauty of buying motorcycle parts online is home comfort. There is no need of hopping from shop after shop looking for an elusive part.Online buying is the only place for securing genuine and high quality motorcycle parts in a mouse click. Fortunately, there are many websites that offer that part for the motorcycle.

Aside from affordable rates offered by online vendors, this option presents an opportunity for saving on maintenance costs. This is what makes online buying of motorcycle parts more affordable than brick and motor shopping centers.

Some Negligible Drawbacks of Buying Online

Despite the drawbacks of online buying of motorcycle parts, the benefits outweigh brick and motor shops by a large difference. However, it is important to review some of the likely drawbacks of online buying. In the first place, some vendors may ask for shipping and transportation charges on the parts.

Furthermore, there is a risk of damage or loss to the parts in transit. Nevertheless, this depends on Site selection. Therefore, buying motorcycle parts online has a higher degree of reliability than visiting physical shopping stalls . This benefits the buyer as most websites do not charge shipment or transportation costs.

Besides, such an online vendor guarantees safety of the parts. Furthermore, most online dealers have a money back guarantee for lost goods in addition to replacement of the part in case of damage in transit. Good luck in your future rides.

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Why Do We Make This Comparison In The Same Motor Industry

In a 150cc motors’ test, we gain much support from Wuben, Haojue, Lifan, Jianshe and Yamaha, totally are five big manufactures, thanks for their supports. Offer us about 150 motors that are new style and popular in the market, undoubtly, these motors can be chosen for this comparison are all the best motors ,including its function , performance, its appearance, the degree of comfort, maybe the all aspect, of course, the 150cc motors must be the best ones, because in this way can we make a good comparison , then get a exact result, write a proposal that handing out advices and take measures for motor market to be better.

On the other hand, even through they all the best motor, there are difference between them, the price , the performance, the appearance, the function ,the conformation, technique ,manipulation ,and so on, so many factors get together, for example,the yamaha dirt bike parts , the different parts have different functions. So ,they have advantages and disadvantages. And we help the players and consumers choose a type of one for them according to their different request to motor ,this is the real purpose.

In terms of manufactures , each has good or bad, and different features. This is Normal performance , of course, we difficult to make sure the result of comparison is accurate, there are little diversity in it, we are not use any machines to test it , because the list of technical parameter of motor in our hands, so the every manufacture test their motor theirselves, then the result may be more exact than ours.

We focus on the feeling of every group of consumers, avoid the one-sided result,or say subjective evaluation , we need judge it more fair from many aspects, if a customer want to buy a motor, he will consider from two sides, on one hand, he may reference the Technical parameter index of manufactures, but mainly is his Subjective feelings , such as , is it beautiful? Is it easy to handle? The performance is good? Is it comfortable? Can it save oil? Like these questions.

The comparison make this activities more interesting. I see someone walk around the two motors ,he looks so hesitate, he can’t make a decision between this two motor,may be he don’t know which one suit him, don’t worry, you see, our worker come toward him ,and ask him what’s the question he hesitate, he discussed with our worker, then they analyze the different advantages and disadvantage between them, at last ,they give the customer some advices and suggests, I believe the man know which one he should choose.

The aim of comparison and competition is fair to judge every motors, please use an objective and open eye to view the motor market, let more people pay close attention to our new and hot style of motor. And take the motor that they love home. We can be better, and we all do our best to become that, find the disadvantages , and improve it, make it more perfect, this is our target, if you have any good suggestion about motor, don’t hesitate to tell us, we will show you a better one.

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Causes Of A Broken Wrist

A wrist fracture commonly occurs from a fall on an outstretched hand, with the weight of the person landing on the palm, states the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS). This occurs because the majority of the person's weight is then transmitted to one or more bones in the wrist that cannot handle this amount of force and breaks.

A person who hears or feels a cracking or popping sensation during a fall should seek medical treatment. A doctor will perform a physical exam and likely X-ray the wrist to determine the extent of the injury. This occurs because during an accident, forces can be transmitted through the car to the steering wheel that the driver is holding and into the small bones of the wrist, which can then break because they are not designed to handle this amount of force.

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